KINDERFUN 11/14/16 - 11/18/16

Weekly Newsletter

Snapshot of the week:
     This week we will back to learning new letters in fundations: "Ll-lamp-/l/", "Hh-hat-/h/", and "Kk-kite-/k/". Our math centers will be aimed toward ABC patterns and number formation, as we will be extending through the number 10 for quarter 2! Although 1:1 correspondence is something we are working on, we will also begin focusing on counting by 10s using the ten-frames on our calendar. We will again be talking about our science project (watching our pumpkin decompose) and make both predictions and observations on what we observe. A lot has changed for our pumpkin in the last few weeks! We continue focusing on what we are thankful for and what deserves appreciation! We will discuss the concept of charity and giving to those in need, which will prepare us for our donation walk to  St. Vincent's on November 22nd!

What's coming up next week?

Theme(s): Pumpkins, Fall, Being Thankful
Letter(s): Review; rhymes, compound words
Math: counting strategies, number recognition & formation, subitizing 

Important Dates:

11/17 Family Math Night 6:00-7:30p.m.
11/22 Walking field trip to St. Vincent Food Pantry
11/23-25 No School --- Thanksgiving Break
12/7 Early Release
12/13 Water St./Riverwoods (more info to come!)
12/20 Kindergarten Concert (more info to come!)
12/24-1/2 Holiday Break


• Please be aware of our November & December calendars on the MSS website --  we have a busy schedule! 
• Lunch menus will no longer be printed and sent home -- check the website for each month's menu!