KINDERFUN 12/4/16 - 12/9/16

Weekly Newsletter

Snapshot of the week:
     This week we will continue learning new letters; and only four more to go! -- Xx-fox-/x/ and Yy-yellow-/y/. We have been making excellent progress in working on rhyming words as well as CVC words, while also learning new sounds and letter formation! We are working so hard in kindergarten! In math we will begin looking at and creating graphs, working on ABC and AAB patterns, and continue to focus on counting and number formation. Our story this week will be Pete the Cat Saves Christmas --- we have been so excited to read this story! On Wednesday, Sallie Dunning from Wellesley College will be joining our class for open circle! Please remember that it is an early release day, and dismissal will be at 12:45! (AM kindergarten will dismiss at the usual time.)
     Because the book reviews from the library were such a hit in our classroom, we opted to keep it going! You'll notice that book review sheets will come home as requested by your child, and we invite you to send it back to school so it can be part of our class book. Our students are so excited to share their hard work with one another, and also give us the inside scoop about some of their favorite books. Please know that this is not a required assignment, it is only to encourage more reading and the positive feedback we received! 

What's coming up next week?

Theme(s): Winter, Holiday Celebrations
Letter(s): Zz, Qq; rhymes, CVC words
Math: number recognition & formation, subtilizing, ABC/AAB patterns

Important Dates:

12/7 Early Release
12/13 Water St./Riverwoods 
12/16 Gingerbread Houses (more info to come!)
12/20 Kindergarten Concert @ 9:45 
12/21 SNOW DATE for Kindergarten Concert
12/24-1/2 Holiday Break


• Please be aware of our December calendar on the MSS website --  we have a busy month! 
• Lunch menus will no longer be printed and sent home -- check the website for each month's menu!