October 15-19, 2018

Weekly Newsletter

Snapshot of the week:
      We've been hard at work practicing our classroom and school rules, following the 4Bees and earning Caught Ya Cards. We are working hard and keep focusing on safe bodies, respectful behavior and using our words to share our feelings. We're also practicing "non-verbal signals". You can ask your child to show you these: bathroom, please stop, quiet, sit, quiet coyote, connection, and too loud.
      We are working on learning our letters and proper formation, remembering to use "bite-rest" when gripping the pencil. Next week we will be working on Aa-apple-/a/ and Gg-game-/g/. This week, we learned and reviewed Tt, Bb, Ff, Nn, Mm, Ii, Uu, Cc and Oo. You can help your child practice these at home using the learning packets that are sent home on the first day of each week. Help your child practice Tt-top-/t/, Bb-bat-/b/, Ff-fun-/f/, Nn-nut-/n/, Mm-man-/m/, Ii-itch-/i/, Uu-up-/u/, Cc-cat-/c/, and Oo-octopus-/o/.

What's coming up next week?
Theme(s):  Fire Safety, Halloween, Community
Letter(s): Aa, Gg
Math: number formation and identification, AB and ABC patterns

Important Dates:

10/17 Early Release -- Dismissal at 12:45
10/19 Scholastic Book Club due -- Code: P3BVF
10/26 End of Quarter 1
10/26 Halloween Party/Parade (details to come!)
11/2 Report Cards
11/6 No School -- Parent Conferences 
11/9 Picture Retakes
11/12 No School -- Veteran's Day
11/21-11/23 No School -- Thanksgiving Break

• Please consider ordering from the October Scholastic book club. There are so many great books at great prices, and every purchase earn points to choose free books for our classroom! 
• Thank you for all of your generous donations of snacks and supplies! 
• Please look for an email in the next few weeks from our room parents, Kim Chute and Tegan Lister, about our upcoming Halloween plans.